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Hi dear community,

I have a question on plotting graphs or rather on grouping resp. clustering data and appreciate your help.

The data contains flows of packages in a logistic network meaning there is a database with the following fields:
Source-Location, Destination-Location, Package-Value

Now I want to create a graph or rather a map where all locations are nodes and the edges are packages sent from a location to another. So if a package was sent from A to B the graph should contain an edge from A to B.
The big goal is to set up a map (or listing) showing which location interacts with others. If for example there are very many packages sent from A to B, B should be an immediate neighbour of A. While there are no packages sent from A to C, but many packages sent from B to C, B and C should be neighbours. So the map represents how many packages are sent from where to where (and hopefully later on how much value was sent from where to where).

Is it possible to create something like this with Clustering? Or do I need other operators?
I'm sorry to go like a bull to the gate! I'm a little stuck on this question..

Thanks for reading  :)


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    awchisholmawchisholm RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 458 Unicorn

    How about calculating the average, count or sum for each pair of locations (use Generate Aggregation) and then plotting the result on a scatter plot or block plot?


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