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I'm new to using Rapid Miner.  I would like to utilize both RapidMiner and RapidAnalytics as tool to do data analysis and reporting.  I would like to validate RapidAnalytics can do similar operations that I can do in Excel.  I have collected table of date (ReadDB) into a table - I would like to plot this data.  When I use the Plot View - Pie Chart it divides the values into a proper pie slice - I would like to display the actual percentage on the pie chart.  I believe the application knows the percentage based on how it displays the pie slices therefore I would expect the values to be able to be displayed but I did not see an option for this.  Any help would be appreciated.



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    the percentages can be shown in the tooltip via using '#percent#' as tooltip string - however to display them next to the slices instead of the slice values, I'm afraid you need to calculate the percentage in the RapidMiner process and store them in a new column and then set said column as the x-label column in RapidAnalytics.

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