Record Model times in Rapiminer?

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I am interested in finding out the timings for my RapidMiner models. And I am wondering if someone can please offer me some advice?

I am interested in finding:
1. Total time to train a model
2. total time to test a model
3. the total execution time of a model (I expect this time to be the sum of training and testing?)

I have looked at the Log operator but I presume that the "Process" "time" equates to the total execution time in milliseconds? There is another value called "execution-time" but this value returned a negative result for a kmeans model, which has really confused me..



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    MariusHelfMariusHelf RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 1,869 Unicorn

    this thread describes the meaning of the different time values which you can log: http://rapid-i.com/rapidforum/index.php/topic,5688.0.html

    For the time needed for training, you have to log a time value of the modelling operator itself (e.g. k-Means or SVM, or whatever you are using).
    The the time needed for application, you have to log a time value of the Apply Model operator.

    The total execution time of your model depends on your definition of "total execution time", but I would use the sum of the two previous values.

    About the negative time: RapidMiner sometimes has problems with very short execution times. If the problem also persists on longer-running operators, please let us know.

    Happy Logging!
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