How remove from html tag foo bar and problem with czech chars

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I need find a few values on web page. I can find them by xPath, but i have problem, if the result is on more rows. For example category:
<td>other - 
XPath find as result only first row. I wanted found some box, which remove \n but i couldn't find it.

I wanted write a srcript in Groovy, but I didn't read input.

If I can, I have a second problem. The Text:Extract Information doesn't work with czech language after reboot Rapidminer. Do you have some idea?
<parameter key="Datum" value="//*[contains(.,'Datum zveřejnění:')]/../h:b/../../h:td[last()]/text()"/>
after reboot change to
<parameter key="Datum" value="//*[contains(.,'Datum zve?ejn?n?:')]/../h:b/../../h:td[last()]/text()"/>
Thanks a lot for help
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