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Hello all!

I am going to be using Rapid Miner for a project and cannot get the wizard to run on the example data sets that have been provided with the program.  (I am just learning the program at this point.)  Would somebody be nice enough to walk me step by step through how to use this wizard using a provided data set?  Thanks so much!


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    Hi Lauren,
    if you are not familar with rapidMiner, you should try the online tutorial. Thats explains the basics and some of the more sophisticated technics.

    If you mean the Data Loading Wizard: It is not necessary if you want to load data already saved by rapidMiner. Simply load the .aml file by selecting it as parameter "attributes" of an ExampleSource. The aml file contains all necessary data to load the file. If you try to load the .dat file, you have to set up the correct options manually since its designed for a more general file format like csv or txt.

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