Focusing on part of data

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  In KNIME there is a feature called HiLite (you can check the http://youtu.be/11jI90b2GWU video, or the documentation: http://tech.knime.org/getting-started), which can be useful for filtering data, focusing on one part, comparing that to others. I think a feature like this would be quite useful in RapidMiner too. Maybe an even simpler version would also suffice (which is not present in KNIME either): (special) selecting a data point would bring it to the center in all possible views. I guess this would be problematic where zooming would also be required, or when there are branches in the connected data, but for example when handling a set of images it would be very handful in my humble opinion. Maybe not all views should support this kind of functionalities, just the most important ones, where it would be most beneficial or easy to implement.
    What do you tink? (Sorry if this is already present, I have not found the option to use RapidMiner this way.)
Thanks, gabor
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