2 items regarding i18n localization

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My name is Mory. This is the first post of me.
I want to share same understanding with you experts about what I got issues regarding localization.

1. Regarding broken kanji characters in RM plot area.
   I recognized that RM plot area is using these 6 font/font family (SansSerif, Lucida Sans, Monospaced, Courier, Dialog, and Arial)
   Unfortunitery, Lucida fonts do not support Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, and Korean. I want to replace this font to "SansSerif".
   Then, I have two suggestions regarding this font replacement.
   a) To replace embedded string "Lucida" to "SanSerif".
   b) To externalize the embedded string "Lucida" to somewhere of property files, and put localized font into there.

   e.g. here is from my local property file for Japanese localization of RM.  
   My suggestion is b).
   I want to know which the better solution of you experts are, or what the else suggested from you.

2. i18n localization of operators on Operators panel.
   I recognized that I can put localized core operator's label to each node when I put proprietary "OperatorsCoreDocumentation" XML file under resources/com/rapidminer/resources/i18n folder.
   For example, I have tried "OperatorsCoreDocumentation_ja.xml" as Japanese localization, and "OperatorsCoreDocumentation_zh.xml" as Chinese localization.
   (although encoding should be "UTF-8", and language attribute should be "ja_JP" for example. ) . Is this same understanding of you experts?

Let me know if you have any concerns.

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