"Problems connecting to a IBM DB2 Database"

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I'm trying to connect to an IBM DB2 Database, using the db2jcc*-jar files delivered with the IBM DB2. I've put the files in the classpath and it works fine with eclipse, but with RM 4.2 I only get the message

Connection failed
Connection to database has failed:
[ibm][db2][jcc][10109][10354] The version of the IBM Universal JDBC driver in use is not licensed for connectivity to QDB2/NT databases. To connect to this DB2 server, please obtain a licensed copy of the IBM DB2 Universal Driver for JDBC and SQLJ.
An appropriate license file db2jcc_license_*.jar...

Does anyone know this problem and has a solution.

Thanks and greetings

Jason Styles



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    yes, there is an issue for JDBC drivers which depend on a license file as well (for example DB2 or Teradata). There are basicall three solutions.

    Solution 1. It is possible to connect to those databases but this requires some work by yourself: please add both .jar files from the DB2 JDBC driver to your generic Java classpath, add an explicit driver instantiation to RapidMiner (for example in the class DatabaseHandler of RapidMiner), and recompile RapidMiner yourself. Then, the read and write access to the IBM DB2 database will be possible by manually defining all parameters in the operator. The connection wizard will not work.

    Solution 2. Just wait. This issue already is on our agenda for RapidMiner 5.

    Solution 3. As soon as any of our customers of the Enterprise Edition demands the connection to DB2 or Teradata we will of course introduce this connection directly to RapidMiner. Since doing this properly (and not with a workaround like depicted above) includes a partly redesign of our database handling, this currently hardly fits into our schedule for the free edition, sorry. So the other solution beside the workaround or waiting is quite simple: become a customer of the RapidMiner Enterprise Edition and demand this feature  ;)

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