"PostgresSLQ DB write error: column type 'name'"

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I would like to report an 'old' bug  :(. It seems to have been reported quite some time ago in the following 2 threads:


Currently I am crawling a site and recording the HTML pages in a DB. The problem is that in the case of PostgresSQL (version 9.1.7 in Linux 64bits) the column that contains the HTML data is created with the type 'name'.  When saving the data, it is truncated. If I manually change the column type to 'varchar' and make the operator append the data then no data is truncated. I have updated the Postgres JDBC drivers to the latest versions (type 3 and 4) but this does not help.

I finally had to install the MySQL database. Using the exact same process but with a different connection, the data is stored correctly.  The table is generated with  'VARCHAR(69)'. Maybe some other workaround is possible? Anyone have suggestions in order to use PostgresSQL "correctly"?.

Hugo F 


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