"Rapid miner with java"

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I have the following process built in rapidminer using applymodel:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<process version="5.3.000">
  <operator activated="true" class="process" compatibility="5.3.000" expanded="true" name="Process">
    <parameter key="logverbosity" value="init"/>
    <parameter key="random_seed" value="2001"/>
    <parameter key="send_mail" value="never"/>
    <parameter key="notification_email" value=""/>
    <parameter key="process_duration_for_mail" value="30"/>
    <parameter key="encoding" value="SYSTEM"/>
    <process expanded="true" height="424" width="758">
      <operator activated="true" class="retrieve" compatibility="5.3.000" expanded="true" height="60" name="Retrieve TrainingData" width="90" x="112" y="75">
        <parameter key="repository_entry" value="//Local Repository/data/TrainingData"/>
      <operator activated="true" class="retrieve" compatibility="5.3.000" expanded="true" height="60" name="Retrieve UserInput" width="90" x="112" y="210">
        <parameter key="repository_entry" value="//Local Repository/data/UserInput"/>
      <operator activated="true" class="default_model" compatibility="5.3.000" expanded="true" height="76" name="Default Model" width="90" x="313" y="75">
        <parameter key="method" value="median"/>
        <parameter key="constant" value="0.0"/>
        <parameter key="attribute_name" value=""/>
      <operator activated="true" class="apply_model" compatibility="5.3.000" expanded="true" height="76" name="Apply Model" width="90" x="313" y="210">
        <list key="application_parameters"/>
        <parameter key="create_view" value="false"/>
      <connect from_op="Retrieve TrainingData" from_port="output" to_op="Default Model" to_port="training set"/>
      <connect from_op="Retrieve UserInput" from_port="output" to_op="Apply Model" to_port="unlabelled data"/>
      <connect from_op="Default Model" from_port="model" to_op="Apply Model" to_port="model"/>
      <connect from_op="Apply Model" from_port="labelled data" to_port="result 1"/>
      <portSpacing port="source_input 1" spacing="0"/>
      <portSpacing port="sink_result 1" spacing="0"/>
      <portSpacing port="sink_result 2" spacing="0"/>

I want to use this process in java.Below is the code :

try {
File processFile = new File("\\Local Repository\processes\TrainingDataProcess.rmp");

Process process = new Process(processFile);

IOContainer ioResult = process.run();

if (ioResult.getElementAt(0) instanceof ExampleSet) {
ExampleSet resultSet = (ExampleSet)ioResult.getElementAt(0);
System.out.println("Success readresultSet: "+resultSet);

} catch (Exception e) {


when I run the program, get back the header information but not the actual result set. am I missing something. Thank you for the help in advance


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    aborgaborg Member Posts: 66 Contributor II
    Maybe this thread will help?
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    learnerlearner Member Posts: 3 Contributor I
    Thank you for the help. But Still doesnt work. when I run the process in Rapidminer, I get back 4 records. But when I run in java see only header information also says ' java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 1, Size: 1
    ' if I tried doing ExampleSet es = (ExampleSet) ioResult.getElementAt(1);

    Any help is appreciated.
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    aborgaborg Member Posts: 66 Contributor II
    Do you have two outputs? The getElementAt using 0-based indexing. To go through the table you should use the iterator of the exampleset.
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    learnerlearner Member Posts: 3 Contributor I
    Cpuld u please give an example, of how to get ExampleSet from the process and iterate through it.
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    aborgaborg Member Posts: 66 Contributor II
    I thought you already had the ExampleSet. (You mentioned only the header was printed.)
    So if you have it, this message gives an example how to iterate through it.
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    Marco_BoeckMarco_Boeck Administrator, Moderator, Employee, Member, University Professor Posts: 1,996 RM Engineering

    you can only retrieve the number of result IOObjects your process delivers. In the process you posted there is only one connection to a process result port (bubble on the right side of the canvas). Therefore your IOContainer only contains one item.

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