"Time series clustering"

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My name is Konstantin and I started using RM two days ago. I am writing a scientific paper related to energy sustainability. I have data of energy efficiency and share of renewable sources in total energy consumption for 46 countries and these data are related to period 2000-2010. Actualy, there are 6 atributes: energy intensity (primary energy consumption per GDP), share of renewabes in primary energy consumption, electricity consumption per capita, share of renewables in electricity production, liquid fuels consumption per capita, share of biofuels in liquid fuels consumption. I read before in this forum that time series clustering is possible in RM. But how? I installed Series extension. What's the procedure of time series clustering? My idea is to these 46 countries allocate to several clusters based on its trajectories. Also, I am interested to know what is the form dataset for this kind of analysis? My dataset has following form (simplified):

Country            Year              Atribut1          Atribut2        Atribut3        Atribut4        Atribut5        Atribut6
Algeria            2000   
Algeria            2001
Algeria            2002
Argentina        2000
Argentina        2001
Argentina        2002

I am sorry for my not so good english. I will be thankfull if someone help me with this problem.
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