"sentiment analysis for arabic language ,arabic wordnet dictionary and tokenizer"

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hi , I'm  doing a project about sentiment analysis for Arabic language , to do this task I'm using rm5 ,there are a lot of challenges with this  language especially that I'm dealing with Arabic dialect .in order to perform this task I want connect the Arabic wordnet to find synonyms for the arabic dialect words , so I downloaded the wordnet extension and I connected the open Wordnet diactionary operator with stem wordnet operator but the problem that the arabic wordnet dictionary is not accepted when I make it as input while the english wordnet was accepted ...
on the other hand I want to deal with emoticons and interjections , like :):'(    to classify them in positive and negative , I think that the solution is to creat my own tokenizer that tokenize words , remove punctuation and dealt with smileys , I'm wondering how to creat it
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