"Error load / appling Binary model"

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Hi Guys,

I think that I might have discovered an error (or I am trying to use wrong modelLoader for a binary model) and for the sake of further development thought  I should report to you.

I have saved a W-MultiLayerPercetron model as binary, and then  I try to load using ModelLoader then Apply it using ModelApplier.  I know that  W-MultiLayerPercetron is a weka tool, but I seem to remeber seeing somwehre that I should still be using Modeloader rather than the specific Weka ModelLoader.  And I normally use the "ModelLoader" to load W-MultiLayerPercetron model when saved in XML or XML zipped.

This is the error message:

"Error in: ModelLoader (ModelLoader) Could not read file

'G:\Forecasting\Model\EF_TX_MKPARK_Geo_-All_NC_6M_Bin.mod': Cannot read from XML stream, wrong format: : only

whitespace content allowed before start tag and not \uac (position: START_DOCUMENT seen \uac... @1:1)  "

This is with version 4.3 dont know if this is a problem in 4.2 etc aswell

Hope this is helpful!!.

Thanks, Laura


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    laurablaurab Member Posts: 23 Maven
    Really sorry, have just reteseted, and there must have been sonthing wrong my end that stopped that model file from being written properly, becuase it has worked this time.

    Sorry, Laura
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