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Hi there, I'm not sure if RapiNet is opensource or not. At the product description it says:
RapidNet is the first open-source structure and relation explorer world-wide. It is based on RapidMiner and exploits its capabilities for data access and visualization. The result is an amazing visualization and visual exploration solution which gives you new insights into the structures and relations in your company."
It is also listet at sourceforge under GNU license.
But in posting http://rapid-i.com/rapidforum/index.php/topic,5946.0.html it is said that it's not opensource. I'm missing also the download link at rapid-i.com.
Is there any official statement related to this?
I would love to see RapidNet being continued as an communityproject since it is very cool and has a huge potential if opened to the community for further developement.


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