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Dear all,

I want to install RA on a server I have on shared hosting account on Hostgator, is this  recommended and what do I require to install RA and have it run properly, please note that I was able to install RA locally but when I tried to install it on this server I got a segmentation error!

so please indicate here what is a the min requirement for a server to run properly and is there any server companies that you recommend?


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    MariusHelfMariusHelf RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 1,869 Unicorn
    That depends totally on the objectives and tasks you want to get done by the server. The minimum requirements are a machine with 2GB of RAM and a cpu with more than one core is highly recommended. I am running a RapidAnalytics server on such a machine (virtual machine with root access at a German hosting company) for some private projects, but you can't expect a high performance show on such a machine, and the amount of data you can process on such a machine is very limited.

    For any serious work with decent analyses, complex processes and multi-user usage we usually recommend a machine with 64GB of RAM and several cores. Your usecase is probably somewhere in the range between, and it really depends only on your plans and needs.

    I suppose on Hostgator you also have a Linux machine and root access? Or how are you trying to install your server?
    When does the segmentation error occur, during installation or when you try to start the server? Which java version are you using? Which version of RapidAnalytics?
    Do you have log files showing the error?

    Best regards,
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    I would also be interested in a more detailed answer. Suppose RapidAnalytics is installed on server A. And you added several repositories from different machines e.g. Rapidminer instances on several workstations. If you now run a process that contains a parallel operator (e.g. x-validation) will it run on all of the added repositories i.e. all workstations? What happens to the process if workstation B has not enough RAM and Rapidminer throws out of memory exception?
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    NeuralMarketNeuralMarket Member Posts: 13 Contributor II
    I just want to pipe in here, after a long period of absence. I recently installed Rapid Analytics 1.3 on my personal laptop. The laptop is running Linux Mint (ubuntu) and has 2GB of memory.  It's an older Lenovo Thinkpad and I don't remember the processor at this moment (I will correct when I'm back at the machine).

    I got RA1.3 to install, configure, and load. Without building or running and processes, it requires a min of about 700mb of memory and had maxed out just under 1gb, so the recommendation of a min 2GB is probably good one, but I wouldn't expect to run complex tasks.

    Best Regards,

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