[SOLVED] Rolling Up Data

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I have data that looks something like below

id attr1 attr2, attr3
a  0         1       0
a  1         0       0
a  0         0       0
a  0         0       1

I m using K-means to cluster this data but i want to cluster the IDs together so for example a,b,c would be clustered together because their attributes are the same
At the moment this isnt working as k-means is treating each row as a record as opposed to each id as a record

To get around this i was hoping that i could collapse four records (a single ID) onto one line

So for example

id, attr1, attr2, attr3
a     1       1        1

Is this possible within Rapidminer?

Thanks for your help


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    macctenmaccten Member Posts: 28 Contributor II

    The trick to fixing this problem was to use the aggregate operator and set the aggregation property to MAX around the label i wanted to roll up to in this case the ID

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