Leave-one-out using external script, without re-starting RapidMiner every time?

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I was wondering if there was the possibility to keep an instance of Rapidminer (no GUI) always open (maybe with some option from the command line).
I work on Windows and I need to run the program with an XML process many times from a Python script that implements a leave-one-out validation (changing ad-hoc the training set and test set files); I can't use the built-in leave-one-out validation because of the particular form of my dataset.

So basically there is this Python script with a for cycle that calls the rapidminer.bat like this every single time:
for ...
    subprocess.call(['C:\\Program Files\\Rapid-I\\RapidMiner5\\scripts\\rapidminer.bat', '-f', process_file], shell=False)

and the overhead is heavy, because every time Rapidminer restarts from scratch. Is there any way to avoid this?




  • SkirzynskiSkirzynski Member Posts: 164 Maven
    I would recommend the community edition of RapidAnalytics. This is a full-fledged server which you will start once and where you can schedule processes and much more. A little bit more powerful than a script solution. :)
  • Katharina_MorikKatharina_Morik Member Posts: 5 Contributor II
    We have implemented an extension that keeps RapidMiner alive while working on the programs in Eclipse: it cleans up and adjusts to the new code changes. Wehope to present that at RComm. 8)
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