[SOLVED] Writing my first operator. Use Unuk or Vega code branch?

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Hello all,

I'm writing my first operator (working from the whitepaper). Should I begin with Unuk or Vega SVN branch? (or W??? branch)

Also, Is it compatible to use 32 bit IDE with compiler compliance level 1.7 with Java 7 64bit as the installed Java?
machine: Win7 64bit
IDE: Eclipse Juno Windows 32bit
Java: Java 7 update 3 (64-bit) Oracle

Thanks and regards,



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    SkirzynskiSkirzynski Member Posts: 164 Maven

    Unuk and Vega are code names for major versions and Unuk is our current release.

    Currently we are switching to git internally, so the git repository on sourceforge is not in sync with our current develop-branch. So, in the near future we will sync it either with the git-repository on sourceforge and/or with github.

    In the meantime you should use the 'Unuk' branch to develop your own operator/extension.

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    owenowen Member Posts: 22 Contributor II
    Thanks. I now have successful build of Unuk on Eclipse Juno 32bit on Win7x64 at compiler compatibility level 1.7 with  Java 7 64bit installed.
    By successful, I mean 0 errors and 1300 warnings.


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