[SOLVED] what class defines value series?

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Hello all,

I am in the early stage of building an extension that reads a custom data format into RM.
I am following the whitepaper on extending RM (especially "Ch 6 Building special data objects").

The file format contains about 10 physical signals. The signals are periodically sampled. Each signal has a different sampling rate, and that could range from 1 Hz to 600Hz.
My best guess is that "value series" abstraction is a more natural representation of the file than the ExampleSet abstraction.
I.e. perhaps the data object will input a file name and output several "value series" ports.

I have two questions:
1) Is "value series" or ExampleSet the right design choice for the output of my "special data object"?
2) Where are "Data To Series" and "Series To Data" implemented? Or where are other clear definitions of "value series" representation? I have been searching within my Eclipse Unuk project to try to find these classes, but no luck so far.

Many thanks,



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    SkirzynskiSkirzynski Member Posts: 164 Maven

    I am not a series expert, but since nobody else is answering I would say that it sounds reasonable to map time data to a series. Regarding your second question: The operator are implemented in the series extension and are called ExampleSet2SeriesObject and SeriesObject2ExampleSet.

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    owenowen Member Posts: 22 Contributor II
    Thank you for that very specific pointer.

    I am slightly embarrassed to say that I still cannot find the code of ExampleSet2SeriesObject! Ha ha.
    (I am also learning eclipse and java at the same time)

    When I run my eclipse project, RM successfully launches (from eclipse) and the menu on the left (design perspective, operators tab) shows an operator
    Operators / Series / Series Transformation / Data To Series

    However in Eclipse,  if I select Search / Search... / File Search / Containing text  as ExampleSet2SeriesObject and File name as *, then nothing is found.

    My Eclipse project is just RapidMiner_Unuk (from SVN) . Should I also have checked out RM plugins and put that in the eclipse project?  But if that is the case, how can it be that when I run the eclipse project, the functionality of ExampleSet2SeriesObject seems to be present?

    Kind regards,

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    SkirzynskiSkirzynski Member Posts: 164 Maven
    It seems that you have installed the extension, but have not checkout the project. Have you installed the ValueSeries via the marketplace once? If so, the extension is placed in your ".RapidMiner5/managed" (typically in your home directory) and will be used by other RapidMiner instances as well, e.g. if you start RapidMiner via Eclipse.

    So, to get the code, checkout the ValueSeries extension for Unuk as a Eclipse project. You should find the class inside this project. BTW: a shortcut to open a Java class in your workspace is to press CTRL+SHIFT+T and then enter the name (or parts of it).
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    owenowen Member Posts: 22 Contributor II

    Now I have found it ValueSeries.java (as expected).

    Thank you very much.

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