Save attribute weights (and other RM objects) to database

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Is there currently a way to save an attribute weights vector to a database, either directly, or by converting it to a example set first?  When I optimize a set of weights, I want to save to SQL Server so I can run a stored process there that does some comptuations using the weights.  Right now, I have to take the XML file generated from AttributeWeightsWriter, and load it into SQL.  Being able to write directly to the database would save a step.

Generally speaking, I would like to see RM support saving all of its objects and even XML processes to a database in addition to a filesystem.  My source data and predictions will always ultimately come from or be saved to SQL/JDBC, and the more RM-related elements that I can store and organize in a single place the better.


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    that's actually already possible with the latest developer version (there is a new operator AttributeWeights2ExampleSet).  We are current preparing the next update for the Enterprise Edition and we try to finish an improved update server where you will be able to select if you want to upgrade to the latest stable / bugfix version or to the latest developer / bugfix version. We realize that many of our customers would like to choose if they want to use the developer or stable version but finishing this new update server might take some time. Of course you are always free to access the latest version via CVS until then.

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