Window Attribute combinations

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Hello clever people!

Please help me with my problem. I have the attributes: atr1 atr2 atr3... atr10. I want to create combinations of these, but not all the combinations, just this way: [atr1], [atr1,atr2], [atr1,atr2,atr3]... [atr2,atr3]. [atr2,atr3,atr4], ... [atr9,atr10], [atr10]. So I don't need [attr1, atr4] or [attr6, attr8, attr9] for examples. I hope you can see the pattern.

I tried this with a loop subsets (which is nice, to calibrate max and min attribute numbers), and inside of it set macro (named atts) and a Remove attribute operator with first and last attributes setted on °%{atts}. (I don't actually know how it works, I found this solution here). But this process creates ALL the combinations of the attributes.

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