"Problem Installing Extensions - PLEASE HELP"

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I have used RapidMiner but I have just installed RapidMIner 5.3. I am trying to install the package, Life Style Marketing, through Marketplace.

When I tried to install it, RapidMIner freezes. I've tried this with other extensions and the same thing happened.,

I am an administrator for this account so I should not be having a problem with permissions.

In case I am, I'd like to load the extensions locally as opposed to globally, which is the default.

RapidMiner says to do that in Preferences, but I do not know which Radio Box to click (or unclick) to set the location of the extensions to local.

Could someone please tell me how to do this> Or if you have an idea of why it is freezing, please let me know,

I am running WIndows Vista (yes, Vista) on a 32-bit machine.

I've uninstalling and reinstralling RapidMiner but that did not help,

Thank you so much in advance!!  :)



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