"RapidMiner Plot View (PNG)" in RapidAnalytics

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Hey guys.  I really require access to more than just the couple chart types provided within RapidAnalytics.  (don't necessarily need them as Flash charts).  What really would be ideal is having the full-charting set from RapidMiner exposed to RapidAnalytics (Bubble, Curves, Histograms, etc)....

I noticed when I try to export a service that there is an option for "RapidMiner Plot View"  The default MIME Type is PNG.  When you select the Combo Box PNG no longer becomes an option.. instead JSON, HTML, plaintext, etc.  Unfortunately choosing this option and subsequently saving the changes really doesn't appear to do anything besides perpetually spin the Preview Animation.  I'm guessing because this isn't configured on the RapidMiner side to log the Plot as an output?

Question:  How can I make the full charting set (currently available within RapidMiner) available within RapidAnalytics.  I'm guessing if it's doable it has something to do with this "RapidMiner Plot View" option -- but I'm kind of stumped on how to configure it appropriately.

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    swapniladswapnilad Member Posts: 2 Contributor I

    I too have the same problem...that the RapidMiner Plot view is non-functional. This leaves all the nice charts including decision trees, cluster charts, association link charts etc inaccessible via the webservice.
    Has anybody had success is using the Plot functionality in RapidAnalytics ? pls do post.


    I observed that if the Process is written to save the output object in repository...and then one goes via browse repository to download the object and chooses RapidMiner Plot view...the application gives options to select subtypes(eg for Association rules -> Graph view -> Spring).
    The graph is visible nicely and a url link is also shown.
    The problem is being a webservice call, it should happen in same invocation instead of manual interventions.
    This looks like a coding error or additional configuration needed somewhere.
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