"Down Loading Extensions"

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I am unable to download any extensions.  When I select the updateMarketplace option from the HELP icon  and select an extension to be downloaded, the screen  changes to the license screen, then immediately reverts back to the previous screen (where I selected an extension). My computer then freezes and I have to reboot.

On the marketplace screen there is a place to login, when i enter the correct login data there is a pause and I am  again asked for login data.  I checked the applicable url which was suggested in a previous message describing the same problem and the url appears to be accurate.



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    AsokaAsoka Member Posts: 14 Contributor II
    I've had issues with downloading extensions from the marketplace when connecting from within my corporate firewall.  I was able to resolve that issue by adding appropriate proxy settings to:
    Tools / Preferences / System


    Tools / Preferences / Update

    Part of the symptom I encountered is that I was able to completed updates and download extensions when connecting from home (outside the corporate firewall), and that when connecting from within the firewall, I would get a long pause (minute?) before getting some sort of failure to connect or similar error.

    Hope this helps,
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