"Loop Operator: how do I"

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This should be simple to most of you. However, I am new to RapidMiner.

I just want to do a simple exercise to take me from zero to somewhere regarding Loop Operator.

A Loop Operator output is IOObject. How can one convert to number or simply display its value in result window?

If that is not possible, how can one display in result window all iterator values?


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    Hi and welcome to RapidMiner,

    the output of your loop is most likely a collection of example sets where the results for each of your iterations are stored.
    If you want to use the itaration number (I guess you mean this with the number in your post) you have to check the set itaration macro box of the Loop Operator.  For an example how this can be used have a look at the tutorial process linked in the help section of the description of the Loop Operator.

    I hope all this will help you, if not don't hesitate to ask further questions.

    Best regards,
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