Extracting the current iteration of a X-Validation

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I am trying to extract the value of the current iteration of an X-Validation that is being executed to a macro.
I know that this is very simple using a log operator ,but I am having a hard time achieving this with a macro.
I was wondering if there is a predefined macro , like %{a} for example, for this or if anyone can think of another trick in order to achieve this.

Also, I have another question regarding X-Validation.
Trying to solve this problem I noticed that the number of executions of a X-Validation operator is one time more than its time of folders(if k=5 then it is executed 6 times).  Does the last execution has to do with the training of the model with the whole example set that was delivered as input ?


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    Hi, your second question can be easily answered with a "yes". If you have the model output at the outside of the X-Validation connected to something, the training side is executed one more time to create a model on the complete data set.

    The first question is a bit more tricky. If you execute the X-Validation only once, you can use a Set Macro operator where you define %{a} as macro value.

    Otherwise you have to initialize a macro to 0 just before the X-Validation (let's call it "i"), and use Generate Macro to redefine "i" as "i + 1".

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