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I have troubles with the Location ISO 3166-2 to colored_map in RapidMiner Server, I review this norm for Mexico's states (32 states in total), and I have my process with the final information table, but the map isn't coloring all the states, are missing some...

Could you have any document for review the good ISO 3166-2 for Mexico's states, or somebody can tell me what I am doing wrong?

This is my information table:

ISO 3166-2  Quantity
AS 88.0
BC 164.0
BS 56.0
CC 28.0
CS 83.0
CH 159.0
CL 156.0
CM 32.0
DF 1390.0
DG 46.0
GT 192.0
GR 51.0
HG 57.0
JC 613.0
MC 636.0
MN 142.0
MS 125.0
NT 35.0
NL 408.0
OC 73.0
PL 254.0
QT 133.0
QR 118.0
SP 73.0
SL 97.0
SR 230.0
TC 97.0
TS 123.0
TL 36.0
VZ 131.0
YN 165.0
ZS 28.0

Thank you in advanced. Regards!!

Areli Ballina


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    Marco_BoeckMarco_Boeck Administrator, Moderator, Employee, Member, University Professor Posts: 1,993 RM Engineering

    you are right, unfortunately it looks like the HighMaps library maps are not all using ISO-3166-2.
    What you can do is look at this list which contains the JavaScript version of the maps RapidMiner Server uses: http://code.highcharts.com/mapdata/
    You can then look at the Demo links to see the maps in action as well as the supplied data and you can also check out the Javascript itself and look for "hc-a2" which is the 2 letter code the map actually uses.

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    AreliBallinaAreliBallina Member Posts: 8 Contributor II

    Thank you very much!! I visited the link, tried the demo and I changed my information table with the "right labels" for Mexico's states, Now is colored all =D  :):)

    Thanks again!

    Regards from Mexico!!

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