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Hello folks, I would like to know something about the operator: Sliding Window Validation

1- The parameter: "training window step size" says it is: "Number of examples the window is moved after each iteration"
but that number of examples are from the begining of the training window or from it's end?

2- The parameter: "horizon" says it is "Increment from last training to first testing example", but when it says: "last training" it is from the begining of the training wiindow or from it's end?

3- Is there (or could you make) some graphic which helps to understand the above two points better?. I think a graphic could help a lot.

4- In one example I saw on internet, had the configuration:
training window width: 20
training window step size: 5
test window width: 20
horizon: 5

I noticed that the "training window step size" and the "horizon" have the same values. Is it common set the same values for these two parameters?, if so, why?.

5- What means the nomenclature: "Range: integer; -1-+?" ?
I have never seen that nomenclature in my life

6- The parameter: "cumulative training" says it is "Indicates if each training window should be added to the old one or should replace the old one". I don't understand this too much. Could you explain this with other words?

Thanks in advance, Rapidcrazy.
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