Use RapidMiner for predicting sporting events

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I've been busy learning about RapidMiner for use within my company.

Along the way, I've come across numerous published papers about using stastical analysis techniques for predicting the outcome of sporting events.  apparently, the proper application of technique yields fairly strong results.

I'm interested in exploring how to apply RapidMinder to the prediction of some specific sporting events as a possible profitable model.  Not being an expert in stastics, I'm looking for someone who might want to work with me and/or share ideas. 

My strengths:  I'm a software developer, have unique access to amazingly accurate historical data, an write pre-processing code quickly, (i.e.  I have gathered 6 years of history into an SQL database and have written code to extract data and statistics into a training file for RM.)  I also have big servers for running RapidMiner.

My weaknesses:  I'm not a statistics "guru", so while learning quickly, there is still much I don't know about data analysis.

This is an "exploratory" project that is a "non-traditional" application of RapidMiner.  There is potential for a nice profit if we can develop a solid model.

Please contact me privately if interested.


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    pathrospathros Member Posts: 9 Contributor II
    Hello, Noah.
    your project sounds interesting. now i'm working with my dissertation about data mining at my engineering faculty database.
    Now i'm using rapidminer 4.3 to predict how many students per generation will quit school (before finishing all their subjects) and how many will complete the whole study program (i mean, all the subjects).
    Looks like it's working fairly good, always considering it's nothing but an acceptable aproximation. I'm also trying to determine why this happens (finding rules and patterns).
    so maybe i could share ideas with your project.
    i'm good in databases as well as programming databases procedures to get the minable views.
    hope to hear from you,
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