"Allows invalid (xml) data on output?"

cjturnercjturner Member Posts: 6 Contributor II
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I used the ExcelSample component to pull in a set of sample data exported to me and then saved the result in a .dat and an .aml file for continued processing.  When I attempted to read in the data from the .aml file, I would get a SAX Parser error indicating that invalid XML (0x14) character was in the data. 

Acknowledging the fact that the bad data came from the Excel spreadsheet and whatever database it was populated from, perhaps the XML output processor could check for invalid characters on the write phase.  The data was probably quoted text, and it was easy enough to find and convert to a space with Notepad++, so this is not a high-priority issue, but I thought I should post in case anyone else had a similar issue.
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