"Bin Sizes for Lift Chart"

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Hi All,

Rapidminer rookie here!

I'm attempting to create a lift chart from our Naive Bayes output and having a problem getting the output in the form I want. 

Using the Create Lift Charts operator, I set the Number of Bins to "10" and the Binning Type to "Simple" and everything seems to work the way I'd expect.  I get 10 bins and the range of my model confidence is the same for each bin.  This creates bins with vastly different numbers of examples in each bin. 

I want, instead, to create bins with the same number of examples in each bin.  I used the binning type "Frequency", which is giving some strange results:

When I set the number of bins to 6, I get somewhat reasonable results: 6 bins with a similar number of examples in each.

Although, when I change the number of bins to 7 (or anything larger than that), I get a lift chart with about 70 bins. 

Anyone have a similar experience? 

All I want is equal sized bins!


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