unable to apply learning algorithm as process document is making regular to text

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I have the following process :

1. Process documents from files  (where I load the  text files with respective 6 classes ) --> this connects to set Role (which changes text attribute to REGULAR attribute to allow machine learning)  -> Process documents from data ( I dont need the word vectors so I uncheck that, I keep text, within this process I tokenize, stopwords, stemming etc.)  and then I feed this into validation operator. (bayes/svm)

What is happening here is in the example set the text column is going back to type "TEXT" from regular after running Process documents from Data. And hence I get the error Input ExampleSet has no attributes as there are zero regular attributes. And this is causing the process to fail. I have no idea why. I try to set the role again after this but then the error says "No examples in example set"

PLEASE HELP. I am stuck since two days!!!  ???


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    please post the xml of your process in code tags ;)
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