"ExmpleSource does not show full CSV-data"

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Hi @ all,

I have a prolem with the ExampleSource Module when importing my data from a CSV file. First of all I want to clearify that my file has 72 rows and approximatly 300 columns. There is no problem with the import in OpenOffice Calc (3.0 - allows 1024 columns). If I use the Data Wizard it shows the whole data throughout the whole import process. Even in the final dat-file there are 72 rows. But if a click on Edit... in the ExampleSource paramters it shows that there are only 3 examples.
I also tries some other modules, I remember CSVExampleSource, but these ended up in error messages like "expected ...rows, found 1 in row 4". Which I think are due to a wrong format of the CSV file. But that might be only my opinion.

BTW: It would be possible to send the data files to you. Oh, and I am using RM 4.3

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    it sounds like there are the wrong number of columns in the fourth row. You could open your csv file in a text editor and take a look if there are problems with quoting or missing values. Missing values sometimes are simply left out, but the inputWizard assumes that there is always a character. You could mark the missing values with an ? instead of leaving them blank.

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