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I heard that there is a parallel processing extension to perform tasks/processes in parallel on a multi-core machine as mentioned in http://rapid-i.com/content/view/202/206/lang,en/#parallel .
I have 2 questions regarding this:
1. Is it possible to perform tasks/processes in parallel on multiple machines (so not one machine with multi-core, but more than one machine with multi-core)? If it is possible, how do we setup to do it?
2. Is there any webinars for parallel processing?

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Thanks Marius!

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    Hi Kusuma,

    unfortunately we have to answer both questions with no.
    But it is easy to get the parallel extension up and running. Basically you just have to install it from the Marketplace - you will find an entry in RapidMiner's Help menu.

    Then you can execute selected algorithms in parallel, e.g. the X-Validation or Parameter Optimizations, by using the respective operators with the suffix "parallel".

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