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Is it possible to pass parameters from the command line (i.e. when running in batch mode using rapidminer-4.3/scripts/rapidminer) which can be used in the process being executed. I need to dispatch multiple instances of the same rapidminer process concurrently, with each reading its input data from a different input file (created by the dispatcher) and writing its output to a different output file (as specified by the  dispatcher process).

I know I can put a placeholder in the process file and in the dispatcher do the necessary substitutions but this then couples the dispatcher to the process file which is not desirable (since in future we will want to use the same dispatcher for other processes too).

I see rapidminer.operators.additional is set in the  scripts/rapidminer script and thought this might allow some external parameters to be passed in but I can't see any documentation on this.

Any suggestions appreciated.



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    this is unfortunately not possible in the current version. However, there's a trick to come arround: You could copy each processfile together with one input file in an own subdirectory. Then using relative addressing of the file to open and do save in the subdirectory.

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