class distribution reversing

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hi all
I am working on an imbalanced dataset with 2 classes. class 0 has 74 samples in training data and class 1 has 4265 samples. I placed a 'breakpoint after' the training data, and check its stats and it shows class 0-74 and class 1-4265, which is correct. but soon after this, when i press the continue execution (green arrow) it changes to class 1-74 and class 0- 4265 before running the algorithm. To double check this, after the execution was complete, i right clicked on the training set and selected the 'show example set result' option, the stats now show class 1-74 and class 0- 4265, which is incorrect. what is wrong here? i am using remap binomials before performance evaluation of the test set and setting class 0 as positive class. please reply soon.


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    dont rely on the "show example set" after you completed the process. Trust on the breakpoint one.

    If you really want to check it in depth, try to add a store operator after the point you want to ahve it. You can use %{a} to get the current execution count of the operator to store each chunk individually.

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    Thank you Martin.
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