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I have been tasked with trying to see if we could implement some text mining functions in our project and then stumbled upon rapidminer. The thing is I don't have much time to evaluate so since I got stuck I wanted to ask here to maybe help speed things up. (I have watched the videos about this subject but I didn't manage to get any result when I tried to copy them except for the number of words in the text.)

The task I am trying to get from data mining is mostly named entity recognition. I will get some unstructered text and will try to figure out different data such as maybe actors, locations, vehicles and other things like that and I was wondering if this is possible to do in rapidminer? The text will probably be in a txt-file on the hard drive but can possibly be put in a database but it will probably be done one file at a time as they come in to the project.

According to the videos and comments I find it seems like it should be possible but I have until Wednesday to decide if it will be a feature we will try to have in the project or not so after failing for a day to compile more than a list with just simple word-count I thought of asking for help :).

Another issue (or it might be, seems like there is some support for it) is that the text will be in Swedish.

It might just be me failing in reading the manual as well, but since I am short on time I thought of asking for help since it would be a really great feature to add to the project.

Thanks in advanced and have a nice weekend!

Write you later / Mårten
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