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how to predict the level of user's knowledge

jseekerjseeker Member Posts: 12 Contributor II
edited November 2018 in Help
Dear members,
The first thing is to say thank you to everyone for the support.
I'm going to submit another issue.
I want to add in my project the the possibility of predict the level of user's knowledge.
I have a dataset that includes 5 attributes and 1 label.

Attribute Information:
STG (The degree of study time for goal object materails),
SCG (The degree of repetition number of user for goal object materails)
STR (The degree of study time of user for related objects with goal object)
LPR (The exam performance of user for related objects with goal object)
PEG (The exam performance of user for goal objects)
UNS (The knowledge level of user)

I've an excell sheet that provides me a traning dataset and a testing dataset.
My idea is to predict the level of user's knowledge using the above attributes (STG, SCG, STR, LPR, PEG).
I want to implement in rapidAnalytics a service that accepts in input those attributes and output a table that show the predic level, for example Hight or  Middle or low or very low.
Before of this, i have to implement the process in RapidMiner.
I suppose, it needs 5 macros, because the user have to setup different values each time.
Anyone would clarify how to start this?

Thank you in advance
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