Table of Learner Capabilities and How to Try a Bunch of Learners Quickly

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I was wondering if there was a table somewhere listing all of the learners and perhaps columns for the different learner capabilities.

If nobody can suggest one then I will make one up as it seems like it would be useful.

Secondly, can anyone suggest the best way to try a bunch of learners with a single dataset and get the cross-validation accuracy for each? I want to try about 25 different learners on the data set and get accuracies, then change the preprocessing and get another set of accuracies etc.



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    the simplest solution is the meta operator OperatorSelector. It selects one of its inner operators dependend on a parameter. This parameter might be iterated using the GridparameterOptimization. Then the index of the best Learner will be returned.

    Β  Sebastian
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    Thanks so much for that! Sounds like what I was looking for.

    I will work out some way to get all of the results.

    There are so many different operators it takes a while to get around to them all.
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