Text mining in rapidminer: loop on seperate sentences in every row of SQL table

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I have a table in sql server that have 2 field: id,text. In the text field i have some sentences. my sentences are stemed and cleaned from stop words and so on.
1.I like to get 5 most frequent words in every row with the row id and the count of word's frequent.

for example in the first row with id=2303 i have a text such this:
this is a test for test and this is test for rapidminer text mining of sentence. second test for test book and sentence.

I need to have :
2303 test 5
2303 this 2
2303 sentence 2
2303 rapidminer 1
2303 second 1

2. I need to have 2words that are in a same sentence like:
1 this test
2 this this
3 this rapidminer
4 this text
10 text mining

but not having:
15 mining book
because they are not in a same sentence.

can you help me??

thanks :)
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