Tale of installing RM6 on Mac OS 10.8.5

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I upgraded OS 10.6.8 to 10.8 and then to 10.8.5. I upgraded Java to 2013 NNNNN, apparently a temporary---and inappropriate---name of the latest Apple Java release.
Double-clicking on the RM6 icon made it bounce on the dock. That's all. The Mac System Preferences/Java panel did not show a Java release.
My Java expert discovered that Java 6 and Java 7 were both installed and were conflicting. (Why didn't the latest release tell me about that? Why didn't it erase Java 6?  Steve, we miss you.) Anyway, I removed Java 6 but RM6 remained dead. Then, on the Oracle site, we downloaded (and installed) jdk-7u45-macosx-x64.dmg. It worked. System Preferences said "Java 7 update 45." RM6 came to life.


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    yes, unfortunately this is currently a bit painful. We will improve the error handling on startup so that it will hopefully tell you what's wrong in the next version.
    In the meantime, thanks for describing the problem and your solution for others!

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