"Clustering error: Incompatible Ids"

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Goodmorning everybody, this is my first post on this forum. I use Rapidminer for clustering. I explain what I do.
I normalized the data using the block “Normalize” with range transformation 0-1 and I used “X-Means” for clustering. I saved this cluster model with “Write Clustering”. I use the block “Clustering-based Multivariate Gaussian Outlier Score” from the extension “Anomaly detection” for calculated the outlier score that depends on the probability of how likely an instance is distance to the cluster center. I annotated the max outlier score and this is the SOGLIA.

In another process I read the clustering model and I read from Excel another dataset. I aplly the model to this dataset and after I used the block “Clustering-based Multivariate Gaussian Outlier Score” for calculate the outlier scores (for confrontate to the SOGLIA because the outlier scores that are larger than the SOGLIA are anomalous) but when I run the process this message is show: “Process failed. Incompatible Ids between the cluster model and clustered set.” What can I do for eliminate this error and calculate the outlier?

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