[SOLVED] how to distribute new file operator? Market Place or merge request?

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Hello All,

This is a question about code distribution.

I am interested to implement RM access to the GDF file format ( http://arxiv.org/abs/cs/0608052 ). GDF typically stores electro-physiological data: ECG, EEG, EMG, accelerometry and related data. When completed, the new operator would appear in the Design Perspective Operators tree as Operators/Import/Data/Read GDF .
I am working on 5.3 git branch and using eclipse etc.

If I succeed at this, should I distribute the code as an Extension in the Market Place, or should I somehow request to RapidMiner owners to merge the change back into RM5.3? Perhaps it depends if GDF file format is of narrow interest or broad interest? It seems to me that coding one operator is simpler (for me) than also including all the Extension framework, and I would prefer the easier path if possible.

Related: Where can I find the developer instruction material about coding style and licenses and that sort of thing?  (I have the "How to Extend..." tutorial).

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    you can distribute the operator as an extension on the marketplace. That way everyone interested can find it via the search functionality and you don't have to worry about our internal coding style guidelines (which as the name implies is not publicly available, I'm afraid).

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    owenowen Member Posts: 22 Contributor II
    Thanks, that answers my question.
    I don't see in the forum tools how to mark question as "solved".
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