false and true in binominal attributes

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There are some nominal attributes in my data set that have just two value and in general they are binary attributes. For extracting FPGrowth and association rules I convert all of them to binominal attribute. For example attribute sex has two value "M" or "F" but my problem is I don't know which one is considered true and which one is considered false!
for example in association rules results I have [sex] --> [....] but I don't know what does it mean!




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    You have two options when converting to binominal. 

    1. (as you have done) turned them into True & False values by replacing.  You can specify in the operator which value represents true (for example Male=True). 
    2. Create two attributes named Sex_Male, Sex_Female and then they will each have opposite True & False values. 

    I would perhaps consider using option two for your task.  Unless it is market basket on selling a product primarily targetting women's clothing as then you can map the smallest class (Male) as true & use this to help filter out the reccomendations specifically for the 'Gift shoppers'. 
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