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I have some general integration questions regarding RapidMiner Server.

1. Does it integrate with NoSQL databases in particular MarkLogic and Cassandra. If so, is such integration API based or its through some customised ETL, please point me towards some urls where I can read more about it.
2.How does one publish results from RapidMiner Server into for example a web portal or some of the standard visualisation tools like Tableau etc.
3. Are there any specific infrastructure(i.e hardware) requirements for a platform hosting RapidMiner Server.
4. I am am pretty sure within the last 8 weeks I came across a webinar presentation from RapidMiner about RapidMiner Server deployment and how it integrates with various ERPs, big data sources and the like withim. Would you please point me in the right direction to this video, I am struggling to locate it.




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    1. Both RapidMiner Studio and Server can connect to Cassandra. This functionality is offered via extensions found on our marketplace, which means that you can simply use operators to work with them. This particular one allows you to connect to Cassandra: https://marketplace.rapidminer.com/UpdateServer/faces/product_details.xhtml?productId=rmx_nosql
    2. You can either display the results using the built-in web apps which you can customize to for example contain HighCharts. In that case you get a URL to a page where you can view (and interact) with the results directly. Another option would be to expose processes as web services, in which case the output of a process could for example be returned as JSON, or OData (for Tableau), or HTML (for Qlik).
    3. There are not many requirements actually. Ideally obviously it should have access to loads of memory so many processes can run at once. The only real requirement is a database (MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, or PostgreSQL). But apart from that, you could potentially even run Server on your local laptop (would not make much sense, but is possible).
    4. If it's not listed here: https://rapidminer.com/events-webinars/ I don't know. You might want to contact Sales directly and ask for information on that.

    Please note that I can only provide very basic information and I'm sure our sales department can elaborate and compare the capabilities of RM Server much better than I can ;)

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