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New to this so I appreciate your patience...

I found on the forum that in order to compensate for an unbalanced class/skewed class distribution one should use the 'EqualLabelWeighting' operator.  So I loaded the data using a csv file and the 'ExampleSource' operator making the skewed column the label with the attribute wizard, added the 'EqualLabelWeighting' operator and hit play...It appears to have added a weight column and the weights appear to be appropriate to balance the column...what next.

I wanted to use a learner (like a DecisionTree) next but now the label is assigned to the wrong column...how do I change the label back to the variable I'm trying to predict for?  Is this even the right way to use the operator?

I'm lost...any help would be appreciated. 


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    csummerhillcsummerhill Member Posts: 3 Contributor I
    found the 'ChangeAttributeRole' operator...this solved my issue...
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