Upper Case values getting filtered during import of Excel data [SOLVED]

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Hi All,

Brand new here, I have tried to read proper etiquette for posting questions, this one should be a layup for someone I think. I have an excel column field that has a mixture of UPPER case values and lowercase values. Only the lower case values are making their way into my wordlist. Somehow all Uppercase values are getting filtered during the import or read process. A value like this,"Air Canada  455 Ottawa (ON) - Toronto Pearson (ON)" will be read by RM no problem but a value like this "VISA INFINITE PURCHASES]" will not get imported through the Read Excel process. Maybe I am missing a character setting or need a different operator. Any thoughts or links would be great.





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    hmm that's weird.  Have not seen that before.  My first effort would be to go into "data set meta data information" (turn on "advanced parameters") and mandate that the column be brought in as polynominal.  Also check that your encoding is correct (again an advanced parameter).

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    Thanks for the reply Scott. The encoding was incorrect...user error!


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