[SOLVED]Importing examples from an XML file into RapidMiner Studio

ChikoChiko Member Posts: 26 Maven
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I am attempting to read examples from an XML data file in RapidMiner studio by using the Read XML operator. If I test the input file with just a single example, the import works fine(i.e one <review>....</review>). However, the minute I increase the number of examples to 2, I am however encountering the following error:

XML Error: The markup in the document following the root element must be well formed. The format of the XML file is along these lines:



In short I have many reviews in one XML file and it is impractical to try and import each of them individually.

Thanks in advance.


  • ChikoChiko Member Posts: 26 Maven
    for others benefit, it turns out that the input XML file had special characters in it, so all I had to do was to replace all occurrences of & by &amp; occurrences of " by &quot; and occurrences of ' by &apos;
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