String Matching Issue

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I am new to this whole thing so bear with me.  I am using the rapid miner visual system where you drop in the functions you want and connect them accordingly. 

I am trying out the "Generate extract function" with "string matching"

When I use the query expression "not" and "tool"  it returns some unexpected results. 

For example if you look at the sentence "was not using a tool"  it returns exactly what I am looking for, the words in between not and tool.

However in the sentence "noticed a tool could have been used"  it returns the latter part of the word noticed.  "iced a" 

How can I make it so I can query string matching and only have the exact query be the start of what is returned?  i.e. how can I only get results between "not" and "tool" and exclude results returned because "not" is the first 3 words of "noticed?"

Thanks again for any input. 

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