LOOP Operator: Stop from the inside of the loop process

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I am using the loop Operator after using the cross distance operator with all k. becaus of that I recieve a result with an example set with several pairs of requests and documents. The Loop-operator is used to find the best reqeuest-ducument combination with the best distance value, writing it to CSV and then and then deleting alle requests and documents from all other combinations. This loop has to be done until there ist no request-document-pair left. the number of loops reduces by deleting the number of requests and documents via set-minus operator and the number of deleted pair can be various. How can I limit the number of loops from the inner of the loop. To my understanding the loop examples / attributes calculates the number of examples / attributes before executing the loop. Loop until uses certain conditions but not mine. Is there a possibility to contral the number of loops from the inner of the loop to the loop itself?

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    Perhaps you may insert an example process ? The code-environment is useful for that:
      xml of process  
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    You can probably create a data set with Generate Data by User Specification or another operator together with a Branch operator, that makes up a dataset the fits Loop Until's needs.

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